English Language


School English Year Plan (2021-2022)

English Language Education is one of the eight Key Learning Areas (KLA) in the Curriculum Framework compiled by ELCG, EDB. Therefore, the schools are given a certain degree of flexibility and ownership to set their own standards, to cater the specific needs and the learning abilities of their own students. In view of honoring the broader out-line of ELCG, our School-based English Language Curriculum incorporates;

  • 1-P.6 General English Programme
  • NET School-based Reading and Phonics Programme (P.1-P.3) / Listening and Speaking Programme (P.4-P.6)
  • 2-P.3 EDB SBCDP Quality Education Fund Thematic Network Scheme (Promoting self-directed learning)
  • Reading across the Curriculum (RaC) Programme – Collaborate with Chinese, General Studies, VA, Music and Computer Studies
  • English e-learning and STEM Projects (P.1-P.6)
  • Pre-P.1 and Pre-S.1 Interface Programmes
  • 2-P.3 Intervention and P.4-P.6 Enrichment Programmes


Key features of our School Year Plan 2021-2022 includes:

  • Strengthening the approaches to learning and teaching to enhance professional capacity
  • Developing a balanced and coherent school-based English curriculum with innovative plans and practices
  • Continuing to cultivate positive values and attitudes to flourish students’ well-being.
  • School-Based Learning Materials:

Our school consolidates the task books of reading, writing, listening and speaking into one individual school-based “Booklet” for each and every unit, so that students can have a more focused individual improvement. The graded tasks aim to embrace learner diversity, impart all the four skills, and to improve students’ critical thinking and self-learning capabilities.


English Rich Experience

  • As our students are in the crucial Key Stage I & II, English can make or break their dreams. English Experience starts with our School time table, facilitating a double lesson per week for each and every class, specifically de-signed for Native English-speaking Teacher’s class, where emphasis is laid on inculcating interest in all four skills with greater emphasis on the productive skills, Writing and Speaking.


English Assembly

  • It is a sense of pure satisfaction, of accomplishment and a moment of pride for our students, teachers and parents equally, when we see our children, perform a variety of stage events in our Auditorium, exclusively in English, on our much awaited and well prepared Annual English Assembly, conducted in the first week of April every year.


Sing Along

  • We would all agree that, if reading is fun, singing is more fun. So we join hands with our bubbly buds of P1 to P3 for 70 minutes of pure fun, singing along and dancing to English songs, once a week. Organized on the last period of Fri-day evenings, as an Extra-Curricular Activity, our students, “Thank God that it’s Friday”. This is the typical kind of the class that takes the language beyond the school walls, into their little hearts.


Additional English Reading Workshops

  • Reading is the quintessential, receptive skill that is to be acquired first in learning and mastering a second language. Knowing that our NETs conduct reading workshops once a week with their only purpose – ‘To develop interest in Reading’. We know that the teaching of reading involves various strategies like ‘Reading aloud, Storytelling, Shared reading, Guided reading and Independent reading’. We adopt all of these ritually.


English Musicals

  • Be it the PPAP song or Taylor Swift’s “Mine” or “Shake it off”, or Justin Bieber, “Baby”, our kids are up-to-date with the latest English trending Music. This is how we achieve it. Our school students get to dedicate an English song during the lunch recess on Wednesdays, when our English DJs get to play them on the intercom. What a fun! Our English Musicals team perform every year on ‘the Speech day’.


Hong Kong Speech Festival

  • Being one of the most sought-after competitions in Hong Kong, we’ve joined the race this year for choral and solo speaking competitions with brimming enthusiasm.


International Study Tours

  • The highlight of our English language experience is our endeavor to internalize of concepts through ‘Educational Study Tours’ abroad. We as the group of the Church of Christ in China, offers the opportunity to willing students to travel around the world. The rich and varied experience and firsthand knowledge about a foreign culture is aimed not only to inculcate respect, acceptance and tolerance of other nationals, but also to appreciate and learn from the multicultural diversities.